Amar Chana - Director, Technology Recruitment


Amar Chana is a Director, Technology Recruitment at Gilmore Partners and brings many years (15+) of Contingency and Retained Executive Search experience to the firm. Amar joined Gilmore Partners in 2016 and prior to that worked in our boutique technology firms. Amar is responsible for overseeing the overall management and strategic direction of our technology practice.

Amar's clients range from small boutique businesses to very large Fortune 500 companies. These clients come from a range of different sectors that include but are not limited to: Information Technology, Emerging Technology, AI, Professional Services and Financial Services.

On a typical weekend, Amar can be found spending time with his family and being actively involved in the community and he's a passionate soccer fan and is a member/coach of the Oakville Soccer Club since 1998.