About Gilmore Partners


Gilmore Partners has been in the human capital management business since 1985. Founded by Valerie Gilmore and Tony Gilmore, who are now retired with stewardship of the firm now with Andrew Stockton and Karim Dhalla they have grown the firm into the highly successful organization that it is today. Gilmore Partners has achieved this level of success because of the talent we have brought in to sustain and boost our internal growth and, consequently, yours.

We believe in practicing what we preach. The key factor that differentiates one company from another is the quality of the people that they hire. At Gilmore Partners, we pride ourselves on only hiring the best and the brightest – people with successful track records, who are sharp, on the ball, motivated, and results-driven. Because at the end of the day, the only thing that matters to us – and more importantly, to you – are the results that we deliver.

Our Consultants come from a wide array of recruitment backgrounds: from large national firms to smaller boutique firms, and from firms that are fully specialized to others like ours that are truly generalist. This means that we are equipped to provide you with a breadth of knowledge, contacts, training, and a deep understanding of your business and needs as a whole. Ultimately this ensures that clients and candidates are put in front of the right people for the right opportunities, saving both sides time and effort.

Gilmore Partners not only trains our Consultants in-house, but also frequently sends them around the world to conferences and training seminars to widen our knowledge base to more fully understand and address the needs of our clients and candidates.