Nika Gorji - Director, Executive Search


Nika Gorji is a Director, Executive Search at Gilmore Partners and joins us with over five years of experience with another boutique firm and prior to that experience in corporate HR / recruitment. Nika is dedicating to matching great minds with great opportunities. Nika does work amongst a few different sectors mainly, Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing.

Nika’s passion for recruitment started when she realized the importance of having the right guidance when entering the workforce. To ensure that the needs of both her clients and candidates are met, Nika demonstrates her skills in active listening and advising in order to help facilitate that best overall employer-employee matches. Nika’s enthusiastic demeanour and positive mindset ensure a satisfying outcome for all.

In her spare time, Nika loves to take her two dogs out for long walks in park – snow, rain or hopefully shine!